The Best and Worst of Web 2.0 by jimmycanuck
September 20, 2006, 9:53 pm
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I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m head over heels for the whole Web2.0 concept. Content by the people for the people. The user-driven internet, as it were. If it wasn’t for Web2.0, this blog couldn’t even exist. And yet, somehow, there are millions of people that remain completely oblivious to the whole 2.0 shebang.

Wired.com has a great article that went online today detailing the five best and worst things to result from the whole Web2.0 phenomenon. This is a great primer for those looking to expand their online horizons, and a fun read or those of us already on board.

Although, I was a little disappointed that Digg wasn’t on the winners list. YouTube, too. And what about all the cool things Google offers that nobody ever notices? It really is a crime that these things didn’t make the list.

What would Quint say if he were here? You know what Quint would say if he were here? I know what Quint would say if he were here;

“We’re gonna need a bigger list.”

But Quint’s not here. The fucking shark ate him.


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