Gifts From The OSAP Fairie; Part 1 Of 5 by jimmycanuck
September 27, 2006, 2:22 pm
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The New Living Room - blog size 2

As you’ve probably noticed, my visit from the OSAP Fairie took my eyes off the prize when it came to updating the blog this past week. Sorry about that. You’ll be glad to know that, with the money now spent, I should have ample time to make some posts again.

I’m dying to tell you all of my retail plunder — but let me just get the obligatory “I’m not as irresponsible as this makes me look” speech out of the way first. Before you prejudge me as a reckless spending monkey, let me assure all of you that the first thing we did with the OSAP was catch up on all our bills, pay off several small loans, and pay the rent ahead. So financially, we’re well budgeted for the next 4 years. Thankfully, smart budgeting allowed for the financial recklessness that you’re all about to witness.

We’ve picked up a lot, but I thought the best place to start first would be with the best purchase we’ve made – our new TV! It’s a 40″ LCD HDTV, it’s Samsung, and it’s as sexy as a fat chick in a dark room. The picture on it is outstanding, especially when we play the 360. HD programming still isn’t as brilliant as I expected it to be, but it’s stunning none the less.. What I can’t get over is how awful normal TV looks now. Getting HD is like getting glasses when you didn’t know you needed them. Everything always looked good to you before, but only because it was what you were used to. You didn’t realize that what you were looking at was garbage until you slipped those glasses on.

Watching basic TV on an HDTV is doubly bad, because you’re wearing those new glasses while you watching a piss poor signal. Everything is so much clearer, but with a basic signal, it just brings out all the flaws that the fuzziness of a standard def TV hides.

Still — movies, gaming, and HD programming are all outstanding. Watching movies on a widescreen TV is so much like being in a theatre that it boggles the mind. It sounds cliche, and it probably is, but I was blown away by the experience.

Other new things we picked up that can be seen in this picture? Well, the TV stand that we had for our 27″ (the black stand you see on the right) was obviously lacking in the girth needed to support this beast safely, so we made a trip to IKEA and scored that very snazzy Benno stand. I particularly like the frosted glass. Unfortunately the Benno’s closed nature didn’t leave enough room for the 360 to breath, so it’s still out and in reach of the child.

We’ve also decided to start getting more organized, and as part of this monumental decision we’ve purchased those snazzy black boxes you see on the shelves to store our DVD’s and video games. God bless IKEA. We’ll need at least 2 more of these boxes next time we’re up there (if any of you locals are going up there soon, let me know and I’ll get you to grab them for me), though we’ll probably grab 4 so that we’re prepared for the future.

Coming up next – could it be bedroom furniture? Video games? a Tijuana donkey show?

Ok – it’s probably bedroom furniture or video games.



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I love the TV stand. V. pretty. I guess I should say something about the TV too… it’s so… big? I can’t wait to watch something on it when I get home!

Comment by Jenifesto

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Awesome TV!!
You’re making it hard for me to tolerate my fat 32″ CRT TV with analogue channels
The XBox probably rocks on that TV 🙂

Comment by Boo Radley

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