Kitschy T-Shirts: Not Just For Breeders Anymore! by jimmycanuck
September 29, 2006, 12:04 am
Filed under: shopping

I’m a big fan of novelty clothing. There has been many a day when I’ve sat there with Firefox and MSN open, sending links back and forth to Jenifesto of great shirts we find. It’s a little game I like to call “hyperlink tennis.” I call it this because I am a “hyperlink loser.” Our normal online stomping grounds for this little game are places you’ve probably heard of – Jinx, glarkware, Busted Tees. Heck, I’ve even sent in more than my share of suggestions to T-Shirt Hell. Better than all of those though, I’ve just stumbled across a new site that definitely ups the ante in our little shirt swapping game. Queer Republic. It’s first t-shirt site that I’ve come across (pun intended) catering exclusively to our genetically doomed brethern. Some of the shirts are totally cringe-worthy and well worth a look. I advise you all to check it out. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards so that you don’t catch gay.

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