The Flickr Project Unveiled: We’re Going to Geotag Niagara! by jimmycanuck
October 1, 2006, 12:36 pm
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Last week I posted about how I was putting together a new Flickr group that everyone in my local area could get involved with, and that would take advantage of technologies new to Flickr.  So, is everybody ready for the big unveiling?

Geotag Niagara is the first Flickr group dedicated to geotagging an entire community.  In this case, the Niagara Region.  But what is geotagging?  Geotagging, as the name might suggest, is the act of tagging something with a place rather than with a word.  As it relates to Flickr, this means that you can tag all of your photos with the exact location they were taken, and you can then view them all on a map!  The goal of Geotag Niagara is quite simple – to photograph every building, every landmark, every anything that matters to you – and tag it on the map!

There are a number of reasons I’ve been wanting to get this project going – but I’ll try to be brief.  First and foremost, I thought it would be fun.  I know there are a lot of shutterbugs around here, and many of us are always looking for any excuse to use our cameras.  Well now we’ll always have one!  The other big reason I wanted to do this is to help create a time machine of sorts for future generations.  There are too many things that nobody cared enough to photograph – businesses, buildings, parks, etc.. – that are gone forever.  If we all work together to geotag this area, we’ll have created a living document of today rather than just letting it disappear when tomorrow comes.

So I invite all of Niagara to join me in getting our preserving every inch of our community in the hallowed halls of flickr!

For more on how to geotag in flickr, click here.


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