The Million Dollar Idea (That Somebody Else Thought Of First) by jimmycanuck
October 4, 2006, 4:46 pm
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So I’m driving around in the backwoods between Niagara Falls and Welland today, on my way to tell my mother-on-law that we have another little one on the way and listening to my snazzy new Zen Nano mp3 player (review coming soon) when it hits me: tagging! It’s the one thing no mp3 player offers, and it would change the way we listen to music. That’s it. That’s the iPod killer. tagging.

It’s strange – sometimes we stumble upon the simplest solutions to problems that aren’t our own when we aren’t even trying. I had the Zen Nano set to shuffle, and “Lime In Da Coconut” came on. I thought to myself “My mother would get a kick out of this. She really enjoyed the Warren Zevon that came on the other day too. It’s too bad I can’t just tag songs my mom would like and set it to play them whenever she’s in the car.”

So after a brief visit with the mother-in-law, I raced home to get on top of making this happen. After all, this was my million dollar idea, and I needed to get on it while the getting was good. The entire drive I was making delusional plans: “maybe I should get in touch with Mark Cuban – he’d know what to do,” or “THIS is the community concept that Microsoft wants! How hard could it be to get a hold of J Allard??” Unfortunately, very early into my return home I discovered that I wasn’t the first person to think of this.

Turns out there’s a patent that’s existed since 2001 for this very idea. It appears to be owned by Gateway, who from what I can tell don’t even make portable music players yet. C’est la vie.


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The Zen Vision M does allow ‘tagging’ though, they call it bookmarking and it can be done for any audio or video track. I’m sure you could bookmark a picture too, but either way, mine can do it!

Comment by Shana

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