All Roads Lead to Flotsam/Jetsam by jimmycanuck
October 11, 2006, 9:31 pm
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Going over my site stats, I’ve noticed a lot of interesting things – sites that are linking to me, which posts are most popular, etc..  But the one thing that never ceases to amaze me are the search terms that people pop in to Google that bring them to this page.  Two of them seem to show up pretty frequently – it’s actually quite disturbing.  When you see the searches, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Flobitis – For some reason, when someone is interested in flobitis, I’m the one to go to.  I used the expression “riddled with flobitis” in my post about living with ADD.  I don’t even know what flobitis is.  I just recall Nixon referring to his body as “a good republican body, riddled with flobitis” in an episode of Futurama, and it’s always stuck with me.  So I decide to do some snooping and enter “flobitis” into google, and guess what?  There I am, at the very top of the search page.  Though a little odd, flobitis is at least an ethical enough search to lead you here.  Nothing at all like…

Free Tijuana Donkey Show Pictures – That’s right.  Free.  Tijuana.  Donkey show pictures.  What’s even stranger is that this exact phrase has been used to get to this site on multiple occasions.  So not only do people looking for free tijuana donkey show pictures end up on my site, they like it enough to come back.  Being a total whore for maintaining my imaginary D-list internet celebrity status, let me just take this time to say kudos to all those fans of interspecies erotica out there.  Keep reaching for that rainbow, Air Bud!


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[…] Earlier this week, I mentioned that for some reason, I’m the number one search result for “flobitis” on Google.  What’s more, I’m getting 5 or so people a day who visit this site looking for information on this condition.  Of course, I’ve had none to offer…  Until now! […]

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