An Apology From Manhattan Portage? by jimmycanuck
October 11, 2006, 2:28 pm
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Sitting down to check my blog stats this morning, the last thing I expected to see was an apology from the President of Manhattan Portage in my comments – but that’s exactly what I found!

Some of you may recall that last week I received the Manhattan Portage bag that I had ordered online direct from the company’s website. As happy as I was (and still am) with the bag, I was a little upset about certain misinformation on the part of the company. First off, the colour of the bag was drastically different than what was presented on the website – not exactly accurate advertising. Secondly, the only shipping option was via UPS. I hate UPS and my experience this time around was a perfect example – I got slammed with more than $20 in customs fees for a bag whose reported value on the customs slips was far less. But most importantly, Manhattan Portage’s 60-day return guarantee doesn’t apply to orders outside of the US – and what’s worse, they don’t make this readily apparent until you open your package and read the attached sheet of paper explain the return policy in detail. Not cool at all.

The really disappointing thing about this wasn’t what happened between myself and Manhattan Portage, but what it meant for our future together. You see, I REALLY like this bag, and I’m going to be needing a laptop bag sooner or later. Every piece of common sense tells me that I should be getting one from Manhattan Portage, but my stupid male pride gets in the way and doesn’t want to sheerly out of principle. After all – good product or not, if the person selling it to you spits in our face like that, you probably wouldn’t want to buy from them again. But then again, I do have my heart set on their West Side Laptop Bag (Style 1459) in Navy.

I am proud to say that they have rescinded their spit. At 9:34AM this morning, John Peters, President of Manhattan Portage, posted an apology right here in the comments section of this blog. His apology was completely unsolicited – I didn’t get around to writing in protest of the situation as I had planned to do. As best I can figure he was searching around online for comments about his company and stumbled across mine. Considering that “Manhattan Portage” is one of the search terms from Google that stumbled upon my site today, it seems that this is the most likely scenario.

All things considered, an apology was more than enough to earn my business back, though some sort of freebie or schwag to compensate me for my frustration would have been appreciated. Then again, I’m not entirely sure that Mr. Peters is in a position to do such a thing. According to his comments, it sounds as though there has recently been a change in owners that may have lead to some poor customer service choices. As a result of this, Mr. Peters will be soon be selling the bags through the website johnpetersmanhattan.com. So if you’re looking for a new bag, wait for the new site to get up and running and give them a visit! I know I will when I’m looking for my laptop bag.

Thanks John! We’ll see you at the new site!


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I’m not exactly sure where you are … but have you tried buying Manhattan Portage bags in stores? In Toronto, I’ve seen them in the windows of cycling stores (specifically on Bloor between Bathurst and Spadina).

Comment by Gloria

Unfortunately no one in my local area has even heard of them, let alone carries them. 😦

Maybe next time I’m in toronto I’ll take a look around. Thanks for the tip!

Comment by jimmycanuck

Thumbs up for Manhattan Portage. We rarely get this type of customer service nowadays. A little freebie would have been the icing on the cake though.

Comment by Boo Radley

As V.P. of Manhattan Portage let me add my apology’s as well for your inconveince. We now have factory stores in ( all products made in New York ) Soho 301 W Broadway NY and 28 Exchange St Portland Maine
The new website will be up in a month. However folks can order directly thru the stores… We will be adding more stores in the months ahead and wish to thank those who have choosen our products. Pleas feel free to contact me anytime at rrobles@mfx.net

Richard Robles
Manhattan Portage

Comment by Richard Robles

Richard Robles, please pay the rent for 301 West Broadway. It is currently overdue. Please pass this message to whoever will pay the rent.

Comment by jleboz

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