Flobitis/Phlebitis: A Guide out of this Hell! by jimmycanuck
October 14, 2006, 5:01 pm
Filed under: blog news

Earlier this week, I mentioned that for some reason, I’m the number one search result for “flobitis” on Google. What’s more, I’m getting 5 or so people a day who visit this site looking for information on this condition. Of course, I’ve had none to offer… Until now!

That’s right, out of the kindness of my heart (and the nagging of my wife), I’ve decided to help all of you poor flobitis sufferers out of this peepee-soaked heckhole we call Flotsam/Jetsam!

Turns out that, like me, you’ve all been spelling it wrong. It’s not flobitis, it’s phlebitis. I know, I know, I was shocked too. But it’s the way it is, and we’ll all have to live with it. So in future, when searching, search phlebitis.

If you’re looking for a starting point, try wikipedia’s phlebitis page. I hope that helps all of you illiterate phlebitis sufferers out there – now get the hell off my lawn!


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