Re-Inventing History, The Fanboy Way by jimmycanuck
October 25, 2006, 3:10 pm
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A lot of gamers and Star Wars fans alike were seriously disappointed by Star Wars -Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.   Asides from being a contender for longest title of the year, it was also the sequel to what many gamers, including myself, consider to be both the best title available on the original XBox and the best Star Wars game ever.  In an effort to cash in as quickly as possible on the success of the first, LucasArts went to a team of developers that weren’t involved in the original title to take care of the sequel.  All things considered, they actually did an alright job – not really adding anything new to the franchise gameplay wise, but not taking away from it either.    My beef, and the beef of my brethren, isn’t really with them, but with LucasArts.

You see, LucasArts is starting to get a pretty bad reputation in my books.  Their attitude towards profitability over quality is shining through the cracks more and more, and the first real indisputable proof of this came from this game.  Not only did they go to a developer not involved in the original to get this title out the door faster, but they forced this new team to put out a product that wasn’t ready to be on the shelves.  It wasn’t that the title was buggy, it was incomplete.  What do I mean?

After 40+ hours of gaming, you know what you’re greeted with?  A fuzzy “to be continued-ish” ending.  Not because they were trying to pave the way for the sequel, but because the developers weren’t given the chance to finish the game.  The game offers zero closure.  It’s a travesty that LucasArts would ever let a product ship like this, let alone demand it.

You might ask yourself where I’m going with this story.  Well, to a very wonderful place.  You see, the internet-based mod community has done some wonderful things over the years – too many to list here.  But now they’re doing what LucasArts should have – they’re finishing the game.

I could tell you more, but I’d rather let Team Gizka, the modders behind the project do that.  From their site;

“Knights of the Old Republic 2, we feel, is a fantastic game. It’s also undoubtedly a wounded game: a lonely game that knows it’s incomplete as it is but just can’t bear to admit it to itself. It’s okay, KOTOR2. We’re here for you. Shhhh. We’re here.

If you’re here, you probably know that KOTOR2 had a lot of cut content, including some very important scenes near the end. If you didn’t know: KOTOR2 had a lot of cut content, including some very important scenes near the end.

We’re adding back in as much of the cut content as is possible. We are dedicated to forming a coherent story out of these sound clips and occasionally-ambiguous action descriptions, so unfortunately, we cannot include every single cool thing that was cut. But, we will still have plenty of coolness, including:

  • The long-lost HK Droid Factory! (not the same as the Droid Planet M4-78)
  • Several ways to murder Visas!
  • A whole new group of people who want to kill you!
  • Multiple endings! (no, really, actual endings)
  • Various ways to be responsible for the deaths of all your party members! “

In other “LucasArts = money grubbing whores” news, they recently released Lego Star Wars II on every possible console on a date  to coincide with the DVD re-release of the original trilogy, despite the fact that the DS version have game-ending bugs and everyone involved in putting this thing on shelves was aware of it. 

All hail LucasArts, the true lords of the Sith. 

Found via Kotaku


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