Happy Birthday, JimmyCanuck! by jimmycanuck
November 3, 2006, 9:49 am
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birthday candles

Happy birthday to the sexiest, most charming, clever and dashing man I know – ME!

That’s right boys and girls, today is the celebration of the 26th anniversary of the first coming of Jim, your holy lord and saviour. I’ve only been awake for an hour or so, and already things are off to a fine start. My wife gave me a copy of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for the 360 that I can’t wait to fire up, and I just recieved my preview copy of the new Sam & Max title from Telltale Games (review coming soon).

Not a whole lot on tap for today. Around four we’re having cake with my mother, and after that we’ll hopefully be heading out to an arcade in the Falls (because it’s the only place in 100 miles where we can find one.) Then we’re off to the movies to see Borat. All in all, a good day planned. Hopefully in the in between times I can just relax and game my heart out. That Sam & Max preview is calling my name.

Oooh! I almost forgot, we got our surprise electricity rebate cheque yesterday, so I’ll be getting myself a present too. I’ll be pre-ordering Gears of War as soon as I pass an EB. 😉

The line for happy birthday’s and paypal donations in lieu of presents start’s here, people;


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Happy Birthday!!!!

omg omg omg New Sam & Max!? How didn’t I hear about it earlier? I’m downloading the demo right now

Comment by Boo Radley

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