Best of the Wii – Top 8 Launch Titles by jimmycanuck
November 5, 2006, 1:19 pm
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Early adopters of the Wii are in for a real treat. This system boasts more launch titles than any other day one in the history of gaming – 26 games to be exact. But that doesn’t mean all of them will be good. From sloppy ports to bad licenses, this launch has it all. We’re going to try to help you sort though all of the trash. What follows below are the 8 best titles you can walk in to stores and bring home with your brand new system.

I’ve broken them up into two categories – A-list games and B-list games. A-listers are the title’s that are really being pumped up as the best of the best on day one. They’re filling a niche that every gamer wants filled, or are getting the push from Nintendo to get into your console on day one. B-list games are definitely one’s worth considering bringing home, but whether because of skepticism on the part of the gaming public or a lack of a push from their publisher, probably won’t fly off store shelves. I’ve posted video’s of each. because as you’ve no doubt realized, gameplay speaks louder than words. Some of the videos are from demonstrations, others are trailers, and other’s are just videos of gameplay. No matter what the content though, these videos should give you a better peak into the world of each game than any words ever could.

The A-List

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – This is a game that needs no introduction. It’s the very, very, very long-awaited next entry in the Zelda franchise, and according to those in the know it’s the best in the series. Even better than Ocarina of Time, a game that many people consider the best game of all time. This is the Wii’s Halo – a must-own title that no gamer will be leaving the store without. I’ll actually be pre-ordering my copy today just to make sure I get one.

Red Steel – Best described as a first person samurai game in the world of modern day Yakuza, this title is a lot closer to Kill Bill in atmosphere than say, Seven Samurai. For a while there, it looked like this was going to be an overhyped dud, but Ubisoft took the complaints people were voicing about the game after E3 to heart, and have put together a game that seems to be surprising all of the people who had previously been disappointed with it. As such, Red Steel has gone from a game that had fallen off of a lot of gamers radar completely to being one of the top picks in the launch day line-up.

Excite Truck – The spiritual successor to the NES classic ExciteBike doesn’t seem to have much in common with it forefather. To be completely honest, it doesn’t even look that good. Like a fast paced but incredibly forgiving racer – something ideal for the 8 year old gamer demographic. It’s been getting a huge push from Nintendo, and as the only other first party title available at launch, I’d expect nothing else.

Call of Duty 3 – Call of Duty 2 became one of the first must-own titles of the XBox 360 launch, and it looks like Activision is trying to repeat that success. Being the only true first person shooter available at launch (Red Steel is more of a first person adventure with occasional gunplay) they’ve got a pretty good chance. After all, having your wiimote double as a Luger is what it’s all about for some gamers.

The B-List

Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam – Branching out into new territories isn’t something the Tony Hawk series is famous for. That’s why it’s such a surprise to see that Downhill Jam, unlike previous entries in the series, is actually a racing title. The premise is neat, and I’m all for trying new things, but breaking formula like this is risky business. It could either turn out to be a dud, or worse yet, it could be a great game that no one tries because they’ve pre-judged it as a bad idea from the start.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion – Atlus games has committed one of the worst crimes against humanity in the last hundred years. They’ve coined the term “wii-make.” Expect to hear this awful pun for years to come, anytime anything gets ported to the Wii. The original Trauma Center is one of my favourite DS titles – it’s basically a surgery simulator with a bit of an X-Files-ish storyline. It’s one major flaw was it’s insane level of difficulty. In bringing it to the Wii Atlus has added more cases, new tools, and best of all, included several difficulty options that should fix this. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a great game – but the chances that many people will be bringing it home are slim to none.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz – People either love or hate the Monkey Ball series. It’s basically Marble Madness for the 21st century with a helpless monkey trapped in a ball. And since nobody calls the ASPCA on virtual critters, the series has continued to see moderate success in several installments. The controls – you tilt the world around the monkey to roll him in the direction you want – seem like a perfect fit for the Wii. Even those of us who weren’t partial to the series before might want to give it a try – but chances are we won’t. This is definitely a title that makes good use of the wiimote, but as an established series with it’s own fanbase and haters already in place, I don’t see the sales numbers changing much from what they’ve been previously.

Rayman: Raving Rabbids – Despite how much this video makes it look like a fairly standard platformer, most reviews have lead me to believe this is a title made up various minigames, all strung together. Maybe there’s a little platforming in between? I don’t know. Everything I’ve seen and read makes me want to play this game, but there’s a part of me that thinks it will have a hard time living up to the moderate amount of hype it’s been given. I’ll be waiting to hear the reviews on this one before I pick it up, and I’m sure a lot of other gamers will too.

Honorary Mention

Wii Sports – I had to include Wii Sports on this list because, even though it’s a free game that’s packed in with the console, I would’ve gladly paid good money for this on day one if it hadn’t been. A first party title that includes a variety of sports – tennis, boxing, bowling, baseball, and golf – and makes some phenomenal use of the wiimote, it’s hard to not want to include this in your library. Would it have been an A-list game? B-List? It’s hard to say – just because I wanted it in my collection doesn’t mean everybody would. During E3, everyone was excited about this game, but overtime people have begun to treat it with a smattering of disdain that all pack-in games tend to get. Hopefully when they all get it home and try it out, they’ll be just as excited as me.

For a complete list of everything available at launch, check out this post over at Kotaku.


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