Could Sam & Max be Coming to the Wii? by jimmycanuck
November 5, 2006, 2:15 pm
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It’s a bit of an older story, but in light of the recent review that has prompted so many of you to try out the demo I thought I should bring it up. 

The nature of the Wii seems to perfectly compliment the design of point-and-click adventure games.  It only seems logical that a developer would want to try their hand at putting a graphic adventure on the platform sooner or later, and lucky for us, it looks like Telltale Games wants it to be sooner. 

In a blog posting on their official site back in September, Web Marketing Coordinator Emily Morganti confirmed that the company feels the Wii would be a great fit for Sam and Max.  Unfortunately, she tells us, Telltale wanting it to happen isn’t enough to make it happen.  Nintendo would have to be on board with the idea as well.  She then goes on to suggest that if gamers want to see Sam & Max on the Wii, they should let Nintendo know.

Within 24 hours, Telltale Games had heard from Nintendo.

What has happened since remains somewhat of a mystery.  Is a Wii version of the game under development?  Has the project been abandoned?  Has it even evolved enough to call it a project, or are they two companies still batting ideas back and forth?  The only new information on the Telltale website comes from a modification to the original blog post;

“They took notice! We got a phone call from Nintendo this afternoon. We’ll take it from here – please don’t email them anymore!”

Luckily, IGN did an interview with Dan Connors, CEO of Telltale Games, that provides us with a little more info;

  • – the people they’ve been speaking with at Nintendo were virtual console people.  Does this mean that Sam and Max will be released episodically, just as it is on the PC? 
  • – Does this also mean that the Wii’s Virtual Console will play host to more than just retro games?
  • – They haven’t yet decided whether or not the Wii version would be a port of the content coming to PC’s or an entirely new adventure.
  • – The Wiimote allows for more interactive gameplay than a mouse and keyboard, and they’re considering taking advantage of that.  For example, rather than just choosing the boxing glove from your inventory when you want to hit someone, you would actually swing your arm like you would when punching.
  • – It sounds like a Sam & Max game on the DS is definitely a possibility, but not really on the table right now.  He feels that they’d need to build a new game from the ground up to take advantage of the DS’s capabilities – whereas the Wii version could rely heavily on pre-existing code.

It sounds like things are good to go, but there’s still no official confirmation that this game is in development or when we can expect to see it.  Right now, to the best of my knowledge, it’s still in the discussion stages.  Still – have hope – a Sam & Max game available on the Virtual Console would easily be the VC’s biggest must-have title. 


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