Gears of War: The Trailer by jimmycanuck
November 5, 2006, 9:59 am
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For those of you that haven’t seen this, it’s the Gears of War trailer that’s currently available on XBox Live. It’s supposedly making the rounds on TV and in cinemas, though I haven’t seen it in either yet. I just wanted to post this to show you all why I’m so damned excited for this game. To be honest, I had been lukewarm about Gears of War until last week. Seeing this trailer turned it all around for me. Not only does it show what a beautiful game this is going to be, but from an artistic point of view there is only one word I can find to describe the trailer – powerful.

And for those of you doubting the power of the 360 when compared to the PS3 (though I don’t know of anyone who is still under the illusion that the PS3 is somehow superior), let me point out that this trailer was made entirely using the in-game engine. That’s right, these aren’t cinematics. This is how the game will look WHEN YOU’RE PLAYING IT.


For those looking for a lighter side to this, the fine folks who love to mangle videos on youtube have posted hundreds of “remixes” of this trailer using different music. Some of them are good alternatives, and some of them are downright intentionally silly. Here’s five of my favourites in no particular order;

Shipping on this game is a little odd – it leaves the warehouse on the November 7th, and the official release date, or “Emergence Day” is November 12th. That being said, stores are allowed to sell copies the second they come in – nobody has to wait. I’ll be getting mine on the 9th, so I’m not complaining.

It’ll be nice to hack monsters apart with a chainsaw bayonet. It should clear the palette before the family friendliness of the Wii in two weeks. 🙂


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