Fast Food Nation Takes Fries Out of Groening’s Mouth by jimmycanuck
November 8, 2006, 11:08 am
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Take a look at the poster for Fast Food Nation. Doesn’t that slogan sound a little familiar? “Do you want lies with that?” Well it should.

Forgive me for a moment as I put my Comic Book Guy hat on, but in season 14, episode 16 of The Simpsons, “Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky,” Eric Idle plays a filmmaker working on a Springfield Elementary documentary — a filmmaker whose previous works include “Do You Want Lies With That?,” a documentary slamming Krusty Burger.

Just thought you’d all like a reminder that despite what anyone may tell you, there are no original ideas left in Hollywood. You’re looking at a film based on a book with a tagline borrowed from a cartoon.

If you’re interested in seeing Fast Food Nation (and despite this minor snafu on the part of their marketing, I am) there are a number of screenings occurring in Canada this month. Dates and locations can be found here.


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[…] Fast Food Nation “steals” line from The Simpsons At the end of the promo ad for Fast Food Nation, the tagline for the movie flashed across the screen: “Do You Want Lies With That?”. […]

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