You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? by jimmycanuck
November 8, 2006, 2:14 pm
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Well it looks like today might just be the big day for me. I just got off the phone with the manager at my local EB, and she tells me that Gears of War should be arriving shortly. I should be getting a phone call any minute to tell me to come on down and grab my copy.

Once it arrives, the blog may look a little bleak for a few days – being the only one writing here when a diversion like this comes up I’ve got no choice but to make you all suffer postless – sorry about that. As such, I thought a “Gears of War Round-Up” post was in order.

The reviews for Gears starting filtering in this morning. A lot of people said it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype. It turns out they were dead wrong;

For those of you who’ve missed the fantastic trailer for this game, as well as all ofthe YouTube remixes of it, check out this post from eariler in the week.

In case anyone’s curious about the achievements, it turns out the developer’s have a sense of humour. Check out these great in-joke pop culture references in the achievement names;

  • – “My Love For You Is Like A Truck,” awarded for killing a Berserker on Hardcore Difficulty. A reference to the song Berserker that Olaf sings in Clerks.
  • – “The Nuge,” awarded for killing 100 enemies in ranked matches with a Torque Bow. A nod to crossbow enthusiast and rock god Ted Nugent, who officially sanctioned the use of the term “The Nuge” for this game.
  • – “I Can’t Quit You Dom,” and “Don’t You Die on Me,” awarded for completing all acts in co-op moe as Dominic Santiago and reviving 100 teammates in ranked matches respectively. References to everyone’s favourite homo-erotic cowboy film, Shane. Err!! I mean Brokeback!! Brokeback. Right.
  • – “Is it a spider?,” awarded for killing 100 enemies in ranked matches with Grenade Tag. A reference to the brilliant moment in Episode 11 of Red Vs Blue where… nevermind – go find out for yourself. Everybody needs a little machinima in their day.
  • – And finally… “A Series of Tubes.” Awarded for hosting and completing 50 ranked matches. A reference to, well… I’ll let wiki handle that one.

That’s about all I’ve got Gearswise right now. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get screwed out of the free pre-order t-shirt, as not a lot of stores have been getting them. Plus given my stance on collector’s editions of video games, I might make a total fuckwad of myself today and pick up the special edition. It’s $10 more than the one I pre-ordered, but it comes with an artbook! I know, I’m such a tool. But there’s a bunch of other crap in there too (well, not a bunch – just a DVD and a tin case) so for $10 you’re getting a fair bit. Still, as a general rule of thumb I’m anti-collector’s cases, so I’m gonna feel like I mook if buy this one.

Wish me luck folks – once that phone rings I’m off to horrifically slaughter otherworldly creatures on a planet not too far from our own. 🙂


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And I have to go finish the TimeSplitters with a Monkey… after all, I kill dead people.

Comment by MC

Believe it or not, I’ve never actually played a Timesplitters! I know – I’m the worst gamer EVER. 😦

Comment by jimmycanuck

Well, I’ve never played Metal Gear on a system that utilized the CD/DVD format, so I think we are even there.

Comment by MC

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