jimmycanuck’s Podcast Debut by jimmycanuck
November 9, 2006, 7:53 pm
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You read that right – your fearless leader jimmycanuck has made his first appearance on a podcast. I submitted a 60 second review of Pac’n’Roll for the DS:Life Podcast, and it made the air! It’s just too bad that A) my mic sounds like I’m recording from inside the uterus of a blue whale and B) my complete inexperience with speaking on a podcast can be heard in spades. Still, it’s very cool just the same.

And if nothing else, I’ve learned I’ve got a lot of prepwork to do before I get started on my own podcast. Maybe someone will invite me to guest on theirs for practice. 😉

You can download the podcast from the DS:Life Podcast site here.


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Now I have to ask… what sort of mike are you using, because to me at least, you sound halfway decent there.

Comment by MC

It came bundled with my Logiteck QuickCam Chat. Can’t stand it. There’s a Plantronics one I’d really like to pick up (can’t remember the model number off teh top of my head for some reason right now.)

Comment by jimmycanuck

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