The Official Skinny on Wii Component Cables by jimmycanuck
November 15, 2006, 9:18 pm
Filed under: gadgets, gaming, news, shopping

Color me disappointed.  First we were told that component cables would only be available online.  Then we were told that they would be available in certain retailers at launch.  Now it looks like things have changed again.

I recieved an email last night that I didn’t get around to until today.  It was to let me know (as I’d inquired before) that cables were now available for order from the official Nintendo store.  I called Nintendo to place my order, only to discover that they were already sold out.  I could place an order, but it wouldn’t be shipped out until November 28th.  So the logical thing for me to do would be to just buy a set of cables when I went in to pick up my console on Sunday, right?

Not so much – according to the recording that informed me of the cables being out of stock in the Nintendo store, we won’t be seeing component cables in retail outlets until mid to late December. 

And now I’m depressed.  My GC looks like shit on my shiny new HDTV – I’m not expecting much better for the Wii until I get my components at the end of the month.


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