Do a Random Act of Kindness Today… (For the PS3 Folks) by jimmycanuck
November 16, 2006, 2:37 pm
Filed under: gaming

Reports have been coming in all day about problems with violence in the line-up’s for the PS3. One look at Kotaku and you’ll see everything you need to – four injured with BB guns in Kentucky, rioting outside of a Wal-Mart in Wisconsin, rioting inside of a Wal-Mart in California – and we’ve still got a day to go. Despite all of this, I had to pop into my local Best Buy this morning and saw about a dozen fanboys and one nice grandma huddled under plastic tarps and tents to keep themselves out of the freezing rain. So I drove across the parking lot to Tim Horton’s and brought them all back hot chocolate.

I thought about writing “Buy a Wii instead” on the bottoms of all the cups, but by the time I thought of it they were already full of delicious chocolately goodness.

It’s an easy thing to do, especially if there aren’t too many line campers in your area – so on your way home from work today stop by your local PS3 line-up and do something nice.. After all, these people might be trampled to death at any moment.


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Awwww, that’s very nice of you.

Comment by jenifesto

Random Acts of Line Kindness

In this time of Playstation 3 violence and line-waiting, gamers should come together. 360, PS3, Wii, we’re all just in it for the games, so why not go out and do a random act of kindness, like reader Jimmy Canuck….

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dude, you rock!

Comment by danzuke

You’re getting a pretty harsh time over at Kotaku, people there don’t seem to really enter in to the spirit of your kind deed.

I’ll just say well done for doing something nice, it always surprises people (pleasently) when one does.

Comment by wintermute

That’s awesome 🙂
Nicest thing I heard today 🙂

Comment by Boo Radley

You’re a model citizen. I just wonder if they’ll remember your act of kindness when they’re posting their new systems on ebay for 2K.

Comment by scournoy

What they SHOULD have done is put a laxative in the drinks, everyone would have to leave the line!! (Or crap themselves) Then they can score a PS3!

Comment by GAC

Random acts of kindness for the PS3 line folk

Filed under: Culture , Sony PlayStation 3 Madness. That about sums up the cold, hostile , and high stakes

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That’s strange that you saw them at a Best Buy. I know a few days ago, one of the top posts at wp.com had a local Best Buy banning these folks lining up early and chasing them off.

Nice idea on the coffee though. 🙂

Comment by drmike

people waiting in line to blow their excess income on an overpriced toy deserve free chocolate? How about donating that money someplace useful?

Comment by Paul

“Buy a Wii instead” would have been awesome, I must say:) What you did was fun and it is a fun read. Thanks.

Comment by gedassan

[…] Having to run into Best Buy yesterday he spotted the fast-becoming-common line up for the Playstation 3, huddled under tarps to keep out of the driving rain. So he drove across the street to buy them all hot chocolate. […]

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A decent act of kindness. I wish I could see the look on their faces I bet they were very happy to recieve that from you

Josh Chandler

Comment by Josh Chandler

I bet Wii fans wouldn’t riot and beat each other up.

Nice of you to think of the poor people camped out in the cold, though. It’s all good karma.

Comment by Rees

That was really nice of you, but you could’ve sent your charity to people that really need it. The people lined up to drop $600 or so on a video game system could’ve gotten their own cup of hot chocolate. But all in all, it was a very nice gesture.

Comment by Rice

all this crazy crap over a PlayStation, kids, it’s not worth it…Xbox owns…back to main topic, that was kool of you, but Rice is right, those people could go buy their own hot chocolate.

Comment by randomanarkhy

great post

Comment by bradwrage

Or how about taking your PS3, selling it on Ebay, then treating yourself to a FREE Nintendo Wii, while donating the excess profit to charity?

Comment by Wayne N

[…] Madness. That about sums up the cold, hostile, and high stakes state of PS3 lines around the nation right now. Make fun, call it crazy, whatever. Then enter benevolent Jimmy Canuck. The man’s a stud. Here’s his story: […]

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Very kind 🙂

Comment by Diana Chance


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