The First Wii Game Reviews Trickle In… by jimmycanuck
November 16, 2006, 8:28 am
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…and the numbers are about what I expected. There’s not a lot out there yet, but enough that we can get some pretty basic first impressions on a handful of titles.

  • Excite Truck always seemed more hype than substance to me, and the 6.8 from Gamespot would seem to reflect that.
  • – Wii Sports is averaging a 78 on Metacritic. That sounds about right – most sites are giving it an 8 with a few are bringing that number down slightly. It’s a game I’m looking forward to, but an 8 is even more than I would have expected. I mean, come on, no matter how good a showcase of the Wii’s talents it might be, it’s 5 minigames.
  • – Call of Duty 3 is performing a lot better than I had expected. It may only have an 81 average on Metacritic, but part of that score comes from a 93 on PGNxMedia. They say that “Call of Duty 3 is a great showcase for the Wii’s unique control scheme. While the Wii controls work with other games, of the games we’ve played so far, Call of Duty 3 is the one that most benefits from the motion sensing controls.” I wasn’t so interested before, but now…
  • – Red Steel has recieved a 90 at NGamer UK. If that trend continues to other sites, I think we can officially say it’s not the dud so many of us were worrying about.
  • – Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, despite the early low score in EGM (6.5), seems to be scoring fairly well. An 8 in Play Magazine and an 8.4 at IGN.
  • – Trauma Center: Second Opinion seems to be holding it’s own better than expected as well. Games Radar gave it a 90, despite the gripe that “Difficulty is erratic overall, and some of the operations are infuriatingly tough on any skill level, even without your nurse constantly interrupting to point out how badly you’re doing.” Doesn’t sound like the difficulty issues from the original were addressed that well after all.
  • – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, to no one’s surprise, is the leader of the pack. With a perfect 10 at Gamespy and a 9.9 at Gamebrink, I think we can safely say this may be even better than Ocarina.

Expect another update later in the day as more things pop up. I’m still waiting to hear on Rayman. Between that, Red Steel, Monkey Ball and now COD3, I have no idea what I’m going to bring home alongside Zelda.

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Controller rules, gameplay revolutionary and graphics- well they may not be as good as the PS3 or 360 but you can still have endless hours of fun.

Josh Chandler

Comment by Josh Chandler

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