Wii Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By by jimmycanuck
November 19, 2006, 7:38 am
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Sorry about the lack of posts since Friday, everyone. My blogging software wasn’t playing nice with WordPress, so anyone who uses Windows Live Writer was SOL the past couple of days. As you can probably guess, the problem has been resolved.

As you can also probably guess, despite this, I’ll be a little pre-occupied today. Or should I say, Wii-occupied?? No, no. It’s pre-occupied. šŸ™‚

I’ll be leaving the house in a little over two hours to stand in the pre-order line like the rest of the schmucks waiting for the store to open. The EB I pre-ordered from told me last night that the target store opening for this morning was 11am. but they’re going to try as hard as they can to get it open for 9. Which means that I’ll be freezing my gnads off from 9-11. Feel free to bring me a sausage mcmuffin if you’re out and about! šŸ˜‰

I was considering liveblogging the experience, but A) I’m sure there’s no free wireless outside of EB and B) a pre-taped liveblog just doesn’t seem as fun. Besides, I think I need to enjoy this moment sans interruption. Of course, that being said, I’ll hop on and give you all a real quick first impression once Hailea and I get some gametime in today.

Due to the difficulties I was having with wordpress this weekend, I extended an invitation to a handful of my favourite bloggers to come and guest blog this week until I was able to get everything sorted out. Between the Wii, schoolwork, and putting in a bathroom this week I’m going to be a pretty busy beaver. As such, if any of those with an invite are still interested, just let me know. My posts around here this week will be a little lighter than usual (but don’t worry f/j fans, I’ll still be here to hold your hand at least twice a day.)

K – Everyone wish me luck! Or should I say, Wii-sh me luck??

No.. No. It’s wish.


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[…] I had mentioned yesterday that between school, Wii, visiting family and remodelling a bathroom I’m a little swamped this week.  As such, I’m pleased as punch to announce that my good friend Jen Walker, aka Jenifesto, will be helping me out by guest blogging here at f/j over the next week.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be popping in and getting a post or two out everday, but thanks to Jen you’ll still be getting the same steady stream of high quality content you’ve grown used to. […]

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