Librarians… no really, we’re cool! by jenifesto
November 20, 2006, 5:51 pm
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Wow, that picture below is *not* kind. Ghastly! Even Julia’s cuteness can’t save that hair.

Anyways, as a guest poster for JimmyCanuck this week, I’m giving a shout out to this website: Info*Nation. At risk of sounding like an army recruiter, have you ever considered a career in libraries? While I got into it for the same reason as so many others before me– to have a legitimate day job to cover for my nights of fighting crime – there are SO many fantastic jobs in libraries or like places for people with all different interests and backgrounds that most people have never heard of or even considered. This website, put together by a bunch of like-minded cool librarians, is meant to give folks a bit more info on librarianship as a career, the kinds of jobs you might take, and experiences from people in the field. If you love doing research, are big into computers but want to have a lot of interaction with people too, want to work with kids but not in a classroom, or any number of other interests, then librarianship could be for you. Those who want to “Shhhhh!” people all day need not apply.


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