Stop reading if you can’t stand Harry by jenifesto
November 22, 2006, 9:50 am
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JimmyCanuck is cringing over this post, but I’m a super Harry Potter Fan Girl and I don’t care who knows it, and this weekend was rife with excitement over the Order of the Phoenix trailer. Not willing to shed 8 dollars or my dignity to go see Happy Feet and catch the trailer at the theatre, I was rabidly checking YouTube for a crappy bootlegged version, which natch, was promptly delivered on Saturday. However, it’s up for reals now, so neither you nor I have to endure someone with a shaky hand and the sound of popcorn bags.

But I digress: Jim asked if I could review something, and since I can’t think of anything else to review, here are my impressions on the trailer. I am, as most if not all HP fans are, totally loyal to the books. More awesome than the movies blah blah superiority cakes. I’ll probably catch a mighty shit storm for this, but I thought movie three sucked incredibly bad, movie four was better than three (could it be worse?), and movies one and two were good, with two being by far the best. I’ve since worked out a theory that the better the book, the worse the movie. Book one and movie one tie. Book two meh, movie two FANTASTIC. Book three my favourite, movie three f’ing awful. Book four quite good, movie not bad. So on this logic, book five (quite long, drawn out, over all kind of weak) is going to make the best movie yet.

So onto the trailer: Squeal!!! It’s only the teaser, coming in at less than a minute, but I’m totally loving what I’m seeing. First off, we see some new characters, like Umbridge and Bellatrix. Loving the Imelda Staunton as Umbridge, and Bonham Carter… I can take or leave, but I think she’ll turn out perfectly for the role. Secondly, Gary Oldman has finally gotten his head out the fire and ass into gear, and he’s actually given dialogue. I’ll omit my rant re: the shoddy treatment of Sirius in movie four, and just say it’s good to have him back in action. Third – The Ricker. I’m so pleased they put the occlumency scene in the trailer. It means it’s there and it’s going to be important in the film (I hope). If they gloss over that, I’ll have a fit. Not only because my Alan is rad, but I think it’s important in the series overall. Not that they haven’t taken out important/interesting stuff before, but you know. (Sidenote: if you’re going to make a big deal out of Harry being able to produce a patronus, and you make sure it’s a stag, why not explain the significance of it being a stag!? I mean, it’s not vital to the understanding, but it’s called texture and movie three lacked it, big time.) I like the overall vibe I’m getting from this trailer, like, maybe Harry’s angsty year will translate better on screen than it did in the book. I still like the book, but moody teenagers aren’t particularly fun no matter who they are, and I think I can say that with authority. Anyways, I’m super looking forward to the next trailer, and of course, the film in the summer.

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