I Am SOOOO Great. :) by jimmycanuck
November 23, 2006, 11:57 am
Filed under: blog news, links

Danzuke, leader of the gang over at bbps, just posted a really nice welcome message in the comments of my very first post.  Always one to love patting myself on the back, I thought I’d share it here;

“I’m going to take a moment and welcome Jimmy here to the fold. Our 1st add-on writer! He writes some kick ass stuff over on his site and we’re lucky and happy to have him here. He’s from Canada, which I would guess about 60% of Americans could find on a map.

When he’s not writing for us jimmy enjoys national health care and a populace that generally doesn’t shoot at each other. Great White North indeed. “

See?  Everybody loves me.  Take that, Mom and Dad!  😛


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