The Original Playstation – Looks like Shit, Sounds Like Gold by jimmycanuck
November 13, 2006, 11:26 am
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The wife and I were wandering through Wal-Mart to see if they’d set up any of their PS3 or Wii displays, and even though we didn’t find anything like that (good luck putting that together at the last minute, midnight crew) we were quite surprised to see a number of PSOne’s sitting on top of the glass display cases.  The PSOne’s having not been there in recent years, we were absolutely dumbfounded.  Why would they be bringing PSOne’s out of storage to put on display – especially when they’ll be taking up space during a two-launch weekend?!?!

The good folks over at bits bytes pixels & sprites have shed a little light on the subject.  They’ve linked to an article over at MSNBC that claims the Playstation 1 is considered by most audiophiles the best high fidelity CD Player ever created.  It may not explain why they were sitting out on display at Wal-Mart this week, but it might just give you a good reason to go pick one up.


jimmycanuck’s Podcast Debut by jimmycanuck
November 9, 2006, 7:53 pm
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You read that right – your fearless leader jimmycanuck has made his first appearance on a podcast. I submitted a 60 second review of Pac’n’Roll for the DS:Life Podcast, and it made the air! It’s just too bad that A) my mic sounds like I’m recording from inside the uterus of a blue whale and B) my complete inexperience with speaking on a podcast can be heard in spades. Still, it’s very cool just the same.

And if nothing else, I’ve learned I’ve got a lot of prepwork to do before I get started on my own podcast. Maybe someone will invite me to guest on theirs for practice. 😉

You can download the podcast from the DS:Life Podcast site here.

Music Review – Brats on the Beat: Ramones for Kids by jimmycanuck
November 7, 2006, 1:37 pm
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No review I could write for this album could ever do it justice. As such, I’ve let my nearly two year old daughter Julia put together her own video review which you can watch above. As you can see, it’s rather danceable. 😉

In all seriousness, the reason I wanted to post this video was to show you that despite any skepticism you might have, Brats on the Beat is a fantastic addition to any child’s music library. Not only does the sound of the Ramones contain that same sort of high energy, bouncing off the walls madness that kids love, but it’s the kind of kick ass music that parents can enjoy just as much.

Containing 12 covers of classic Ramones tunes (as performed by a number of famous rockers), Brats on the Beat is surprisingly faithful to its source material despite the claims of being “kiddified.”

Rather than turning the songs into Raffi-esque nightmares, the kidification of the Ramones seems to be focused solely on some slight lyrical changes. Unfriendly lyrics like “shoot’ em in the back now” in Blitzkrieg Bop are now replaced with much safer ones. This doesn’t mean the songs have been mangled though – it’s the rare instance where a small child-friendly tweak has been made, and unless you’re listening for it chances are you won’t even notice.

The only strange decision by the producers that might call the the kid-friendly nature of the album into question is the inclusion of the song “I Just Want to have Something to Do,” about an individual who just wants to fuck to pass the time. Lyrically, there is really nothing inappropriate – a child would never in a million years figure out what the song was about. But still, it seems like a strange song to include. Considering that this is an allusion only parents would get anyway, hearing “I Just Want to have Something to Do” is about as harmful to a child as hearing Baby Bear say “Does a bear go potty in the woods?” during Elmo’s Potty Time. Still, considering the producer’s choice to include so many songs that completely avoid the possibility of uptight parent’s complaining, including this just seems like an odd choice to make.

Despite this bump in the road that might pose a problem for a small group of parents, Brats on the Beat is a solid disc full of some of the best tunes in the Ramones catalogue. Blitzkrieg Bop, California Sun – heck, even their cover of the Spiderman theme makes it in here. This is a fantastic cover album that, kid or no kid, you should have in your collection.

Also worth mentioning – by picking this album up, you won’t just be doing a favor for a kid you know. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be going to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Last month in an interview with Greg Ross, founder of Go-Kart Records, it was suggested that they may be putting together an album to benefit those with Muscular-Sclerosis in the near future. If you can make it another children’s album, Greg, my daughter will thank you. 🙂

Brats on the Beat will be available in stores and online music services on November 21st, and can be pre-ordered on the Go-Kart Records website now.

More information, including sample tracks, can be found on the official Brats on the Beat myspace page.

Orson Welles – The Unraveling of a Man by jimmycanuck
November 6, 2006, 9:00 am
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How humiliating it must have been – he was the genius responsible for Citizen Kane, and les than fifty years later he was shilling for frozen peas. That’s quite the career drop off.

If you haven’t heard the outakes from the infamous Orson Welles frozen peas ad, you’re probably in the minority. This thing has been circulating since before the days of the internet. Still, I’m sure there are a lot of you haven’t heard of it, so I thought I’d share it by linking to an mp3 of the recording at 365 Days Project.

The audio can be found here.

It’s a funny clip, but not ha ha funny. More like “watching Welles grow angry with disgust at the people trying to tell the man who brought us The Magnificent Ambersons how to properly hit the word beef” funny.

Retard Raped With A Toilet Snake (…And Hijinx Ensue) by jimmycanuck
October 20, 2006, 8:37 pm
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Believe me, if there was any way to clean up that heading, I would have. But there is simply no better way to explain what I’ve had the joy of stumbling across today. In the news this week is a story about two teenage boys who raped a retarded janitor in a bowling alley bathroom with a toilet snake. No punchline needed. What makes the story even more rewarding though is finding out about it from my dear friends Opie and Anthony.

In case anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the dynamic duo, Opie & Anthony are a pair of radio talk jocks that I’ve been enjoying for years (ever since they were first syndicated to Buffalo.) You may have noticed I didn’t use the term “shock jocks.” Well, there’s a reason for that. “Shock jock” is a term that was an annoying cliche back before it was even coined. Even if it wasn’t, it certainly doesn’t even come close to reflecting what these two (plus lil’ Jimmy Norton) do on a daily basis.

So for you, I’ve done what any loyal pest of the O&A show would – I’ve put together a 14 minute clip to share, all about getting fucked in the ass with a toilet snake. So please, listen, enjoy, and remember – if you’re too young to read the words piss, shit, fuck or cunt, you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog OR listening to the following link; The sample of yesterday’s show can be found here in MP3 format.